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  • How can I pay for my student's textbooks without coming to campus?

    You have two choices:
    1.  Order all your student's textbooks through our website, using your credit/debit card for payment. You can either pay to ship the books to your home or select the option for in-store pick-up, at no additional charge. When your student arrives on campus they can pick up their books.
    2.  To give your student the option to shop in-store without you, visit (please use the link below) and load Falcon Funds onto your student's Sea Pac Pass. They can use those Falcon Funds to pay for anything sold at the Bookstore, including textbooks, school supplies, SPU apparel and more.

    For security reasons, we cannot accept credit cards or checks in-store unless the owner of the account is present at the time of purchase to present a photo ID.

To load Falcon Funds onto your student's Sea Pac Pass please click here.

  • Can I pay for my student's textbooks using their financial aid?

    You can't charge textbooks directly to a student's SPU financial account. However, when using option 2 above to load Falcon Funds onto your student's Sea Pac Pass, you will have the choice of paying with a credit card or charging to the student's account. Then those Falcon Funds can be used in the Bookstore to purchase textbooks.

  • How do textbook rentals work?

    The bookstore offers many titles for rent. are a few key things to keep in mind when renting a book:
    1.  Books may be rented both in-store or online.
    2.  The textbook rental price is roughly half the cost of a new textbook, on average.
    3.  At the time of rental, the student will be required to provide a credit card to be kept on file to secure the rental in case of damage or non-return, however any standard payment method may be used at check-out. If you can't be in-store to present your credit card, you should use the online rental option.
    4.  Writing and highlighting in rental books is allowed! Torn covers and/or pages and water damage are not allowed. If a rental book is returned with tears or water damage, the card that was used to secure the rental will be charged for a replacement book and the rented book will be the student's to keep. Be sure to look rental books over thoroughly and alert the bookstore within 2 weeks if you find pre-existing condition issues.
    5.  Textbooks are rented by the quarter and are due back on the last day of finals listed on the University's academic calendar for the term in which they are rented. If a rental book is returned late or not at all, the card that was used to secure the rental will be charged for a replacement book and the rented book will be the student's to keep.

  • Why are some books listed as "package components" on your website?

    Sometimes professors order a textbook along with other items such as workbooks or access codes as a bundled package in order to save students money. In those cases the bookstore will list both the package (as "required") and the individual components (as "package components") so that students have the option of ordering individual parts of the package rather than the whole package if they would like. You should not order both the package and the package components.

  • How does my student sell their books?

    Students have the option of selling their purchased (not rented) textbooks back to the Bookstore at any time during the quarter. However students will get the best sell back price for their books during finals week as this is the time that the bookstore is buying books for the upcoming term and stocking the shelves. If a book is needed for the shelves, the bookstore will pay 50% of the retail price. If the book is being sold at a different time of year when the book isn't needed for the shelves, the bookstore will only pay the wholesale value which generally ranges from 10-30% of the retail price. Damaged books, old editions, or international editions of books will not be purchased by the bookstore as they cannot be resold. Students must have their student ID card ( Sea Pac Pass) with them to sell back their books.

Have more questions? Contact the Bookstore at (206)281-2137 or



We work closely with your professors to ensure we only sell the editions they use in the classroom, saving you time and stress about finding it yourself.


Don't stick with a class just because you bought the books. Return them during the add/drop period of the semester for a full refund.


On the fence about buying books for a class? We let you know what's required on Day 1 and when to wait to purchase. Service you won't find anywhere else.